IDmelon Technologies Inc.

IDmelon is a Startup Company which was founded in January 2020. But the company’s existing experience and products are the result of more than five years of hard work and expertise in Bluetooth and FIDO Technologies.
From day one, through a technology acquisition, IDmelon inherited more than five years of hard work and experience from a Startup Company called Vancosys Data Security Inc., whose main focus had been on researching and developing Bluetooth and FIDO2 based authentication products since 2016. Today, as an official member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and FIDO Alliance, the company’s goal is to facilitate the implementation of passwordless authentication solutions to improve the security of websites and applications. And our focus now is on making a unique and creative FIDO2 Security Key product.

Why did we choose IDmelon name?

Watermelon is a fruit that you have no idea how it looks on the inside unless you cut it. And also, this sweet and juicy fruit has lots of seeds inside that resemble the secret seeds in the cryptography world. We love watermelon, and we work on Identification.
We chose the name IDmelon because we are sure you will never forget our company’s name after reading the story behind.