Authenticate Remote

Remote working is a working style that allows employees to work from home, or in some other place that is not an organisation’s usual place of business. Many firms are seeing an increase in remote working and are undertaking researches into secure authentication methods to be sure that people are who they say they are and only the right person is remotely granted access.

In addition to security, organisations are concerned about costs of passwordless adoption, since they have to deal with endless costs of HR for physical security key purchase, distribution, delivery, and replacement. Remote working just exacerbates the problem.

IDmelon enables users to simply and securely use biometric authentication on their smartphones to authenticate their identities and go passwordless from anywhere with numerous benefits for both employees and employers. It significantly reduces the initial costs of passwordless adoption, as there no longer exist extra physical objects, i.e. security keys. And everything from A to Z can happen overnight.

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