1. Introduction

      IDmelon app, which is designed and developed by IDmelon Technologies Inc., lets users use their smartphones as a FIDO2 hardware security key. In environments with either shared computers or single-user PCs, users can enjoy passwordless login experience with only a single tap of their smartphones on IDmelon Reader or a single click on a push notification from IDmelon Pairing Tool. Now, we will describe how you can get started with IDmelon app.

    2. Basic concepts

      IDmelon Mobile App works in combination with either IDmelon Pairing Tool or an IDmelon Reader and enables users to use their smartphones as a security key.

      See the instructions below:

      • First, download and install IDmelon app from App Store or Google Play.
      • Then, go with one of the options below:

1. Plug an IDmelon Reader to a USB port of the PC and start experiencing Tap & Login!

2. Scan a QR code from IDmelon Pairing Tool on the PC screen once on the first try to pair your smartphone with the PC and start experiencing Touch & Login!

After users complete the setup, they will be able to access Microsoft, Office 365, GitHub, and many more FIDO2 supported platforms and simply and securely log into Windows, websites, and applications without having to type a password.

  1. Instructions: Getting started

    Follow the instructions below:

    • Note:IDmelon app supports Android 8.0 or above and
      iOS 11 or above.
    1. Preparing

      To set up, you will need to:

      • Check your Internet connection first.
      • Turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth if you want to use IDmelon Mobile
        App in combination with an IDmelon Reader.
      • Note: There is no need to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone if you
        want to use IDmelon Mobile App in combination with IDmelon Pairing
    2. Activation Process

      There are two ways to get started with IDmelon Mobile App:

      1. Self-registration

      To activate your security keys or create a new one, go ahead and enter
      your email in the following getting started page to receive an email
      that contains an activation link.

      • Note: Only if you create a new security key with a new email address, you are prompted to enter your name to enable your own security key on your smartphone.

      2. Invitation

      Your organization’s admin can directly invite you via the admin panel by sending an email that contains an activation link.

      In either way, all you need to do is to open the activation link on your smartphone.

      • Note: IDmelon has set a time limit. If it takes too long to complete the activation process, the activation link in your email will expire, and you will have to start over again.
    3. Take a tour

      After a successful security key activation, you have access to three pages in IDmelon Mobile App:


      You can see different items such as:

      • The name of the workspace
      • The email you used to activate your security key
      • The status of your security key
      • Help button
      • “QR code scanner” to work with IDmelon Pairing Tool(link)

      Registered accounts

      You can see all your registered accounts in two different ways:

      • A mixed list of all registered accounts.
      • A grouped list of all registered accounts according to security keys.

      Both with the possibility to see credential’s activities.

      In addition, you have the ability to search among registered accounts.


      You can see several items such as:

      • Manage Paired PCs allows you to pair your smartphone with your PC if you are using your IDmelon Mobile App in combination with IDmelon Pairing Tool, and also gives you the ability to manage your paired PCs.
      • Haptic Feedback on Tap enables/disables vibration right after a tap on an IDmelon Reader.
      • Help leads you to IDmelon guide.
      • About gives you information about IDmelon, app version and Privacy Policy.
      • Share logs with IDmelon sends feedback to IDmelon to help solve problems if there is any.
      • Finally, the version of IDmelon app is shown at the bottom of the page.
      • Note: In IDmelon mobile app for android users, we also have the “refresh button” which helps to eliminate troubles in connecting to IDmelon.
    4. In Combination with IDmelon Reader

      After completing the above steps, to use your IDmelon Mobile App in combination with an IDmelon Reader, all you have to do is to place your smartphone within an operating distance of 10 to 15 cm from the IDmelon Reader for each login or registration. Then, you will receive an alert that you can accept using your desired unlocking method on your smartphone.

      • Note: Do not forget to turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth beforehand!
      • Note: Please read The IDmelon Reader Guide for more information.
    5. In Combination with IDmelon Pairing Tool

      To use IDmelon Mobile App in combination with IDmelon Pairing Tool without the need for any hardware, download IDmelon Pairing Tool here and follow below steps:

      1. Pair your IDmelon Mobile App with your IDmelon Pairing Tool in one of these ways:

      • “pair with a PC” on the congratulations page
      • “QR code scanner” on the Home page
      • “manage paired PCs” on setting

      2. Open IDmelon Pairing Tool on your computer and click on the Pair a new smartphone.

      3. Point your phone camera at the QR code on your computer screen.

      4. Enter a name for your smartphone in the popup window on your computer screen and press OK to connect your smartphone to the IDmelon Pairing Tool.

      5. For each login or registration, you will receive an alert that you can approve and then verify your identity with using your desired unlocking method on your smartphone.

      6. Enjoy!

      • Note: QR code scanning happens only once to pair a smartphone with a computer.
      • Note: Please read The IDmelon Pairing Tool User Manual for more information.
  2. What happens next?

    Go ahead and enjoy your passwordless journey..

    From now on, you can use your smartphone as a USB FIDO2 security key to log into windows, websites, and applications from any computer without typing a password. For each request, you will receive only an alert on your smartphone to verify.

  3. Get help

    If you have a technical issue please let us know: [email protected]