Enable Token

To secure access to sensitive data, enterprises require employees’ credentials. Seamless credential management is critical to protect all information. Authorities must be able to control access as employees come and go or just simply move to a new position. Plus, the rise of privacy concerns increases the need for enterprises to have the ability to authenticate the identity of online employees and asset.

While there is no control or management over hardware security keys by admins, and admins cannot prevent users from using their keys for other applications, SaaS (smartphone as a security key) allows enterprises to have the control they need from an admin panel. IDmelon enables an organisation’s admins to:

• register a FIDO2 credential on behalf of users, so that users can start using the registered account to login by receiving an activation email
• monitor each user’s activities, status, and list of registered accounts
• instantly activate a token to grant access or immediately deactivate a token to block access

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