Healthcare organisations are involved in large databases of sensitive medical data or healthcare records, so they embrace strong authentication solutions that close the gaps in security and prevent data breach to protect patients and employees.

Meanwhile, healthcare organisations operate 24/7, but staff work about 40 hours a week. Therefore, healthcare organisations establish day and night shifts where employees can work at different times but at the same desk. And most of employees such as nurses are constantly on the move instead of being anchored to one location.

In the healthcare industry, password-based as well as traditional security methods usually get in the way of snap login and take time from patient care. Healthcare organisations need highly secure, convenient authentication solutions that do not cause constant disruption to patient care.

IDmelon helps safeguard and simplify authorised access to systems, applications, and patient data by providing seamless, secure tap-n-go experience across organisations. With IDmelon, highly secure authentication takes a single tap on an IDmelon Reader.

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