The shortest path to have a FIDO2 security key

IDmelon app enables users to use their smartphones as a FIDO2 USB (external) security key on a PC. To use a smartphone as a roaming USB FIDO2 security key on a PC, users need to either pair their smartphones with PCs or buy an IDmelon Reader to experience tap-n-login. IDmelon is best fitted for both enterprises and individuals.

Our technology is the fastest and easiest way to have a secure FIDO2 authenticator. We take advantage of expensive and advanced technologies of smartphones such as biometric sensor and secure element in our solution. Very cost-effective. Because smartphones are always naturally carried along everywhere, they are at lowest risk of being lost. And many more benefits that hardware security keys cannot offer.

IDmelon serves all functions of ordinary hardware security keys such as Yubikey, Trustkey or Solokey but with more benefits. Your smartphone with IDmelon can be used for login to a Windows 10 machine (Azure AD joined) or to the Web via the browser on a PC.

IDmelon authenticator app is a FIDO2 certified authenticator and also shortlisted by Microsoft as a trusted key for passwordless experience with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365.


how to start using IDmelon

To start using your smartphone as a security key, you need to either pair your smartphone with your PC or have an IDmelon Reader. Each method of use has unique benefits and can be chosen depending on user types and workplace policies.

To pair a smartphone with a PC, you need the IDmleon Pairing Tool application installed on the computer.

IDmelon reader is a plug and play hardware, which allows users to have a tap-n-login experience with their smartphones. Workspaces with shared computers are great places to use the IDmelon Reader.


Our solution supports different types of security keys. System admins can select the right one in their workspace panels and assign it to users’ smartphones according to the working environment policies.

The security key types can be defined based on the following parameters:

User Verification:
It can be done by biometric authentication of the user on the smartphone, or by PIN on the computer like ordinary hardware security keys.

Secret Key Storage:
There are two options for generating and storing the credentials’ secret key on either smartphone secure elements or Cloud HSM services.

Advantage of Using Smartphone as a Security Key

The advantages of using a smartphone as a key can be reviewed from two perspectives.
From the point of view of individual users and from the point of view of cooperate and businesses. In companies, however, it offers benefits to both users and system managers. Here is a list of a few of the benefits: