IDmelon Fob

IDmelon Fob is a FIDO2 security with BLE and USB
interfaces to secure a wide range of use cases.

Contactless authentication

Secure, convenient tap-n-go experience with no need for smartphone or cellular connection.

Dual interface

Passwordless authentication via wired and wireless protocols, i.e. USB and BLE.

No more passwords

Passwordless login via a single tap on IDmelon Reader or USB connectivity.

IDmelon Fob is a FIDO2 security key with two form factors: it can be plugged into a USB port or tapped on an IDmelon Reader without the need for cellular connection or authenticator apps.

Supports FIDO2

USB-A form factor and easy to carry on a keychain

Tap-n-go experience via BLE connectivity

Supports Microsoft and Azure AD

With portable charger power bank

No need for smartphone or network connection