Office Work

There is a constant productivity battle fought at offices on a daily basis. On one side, an employee wants to fulfill tasks such as sending an email or filing a report. On the other side, the authentication process that requires a password is a prerequisite for login into websites, applications, and services the employee needs to accomplish the task. Today, access to almost everything including a desktop, Outlook, GitHub, or any application used in an organisation depends on a password.

Workplaces take preventive safety measures to robustly monitor and restrict unauthorized access to an office building or its valuable, sensitive data and assets. A robust, secure workplace enhances efficiency and productivity, which makes a direct impact on the customer satisfaction and the workplace’s reputation. In addition, it also reduces costs.

IDmelon provides offices with a secure, convenient way to authenticate their employees’ identities without struggling with passwords anymore, helping them boost productivity. The deployment happens overnight, saving time and money. Installing IDmelon Client app on computers and IDmelon mobile app on smartphones is all that an office and its employees are required to do in order to enjoy the passwordless journey.

And above all, the IDmelon Admin Panel enables offices of all sizes to safeguard their employees with simple, strong token management.

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