Push Authentication

Push authentication is a smartphone-based
authentication whereby users receive a notification from a service provider over the safest available communication channel. To verify their identities and access the service, users have to respond to the challenge by performing an action. Push notification hinges upon device possession as the main factor, and the device must be unlocked in order to approve a notification.

IDmelon Client app, which is a software technology, adopts push authentication method to let users pair their smartphones with their PCs and use their smartphones as a security key without the need for any extra hardware. Once and only once on day one, you have to scan a QR code on the PC screen and from then on, all you need to do is to accept a push notification to go login. It has many advantages such as:
Significant saving in HR costs in implementation
Shortening the duration of a project, so that it can be done overnight.

IDmelon Client App

IDmelon Client app supports Windows 10,
macOS 10.12 or above