Shared PC Environments

The majority of the world’s employees including deskless workers, who are not anchored to a desk/computer, and shift workers, who too use a shared PC, have to log out of the system/app at the end of each session so that another user can login to the same computer or software.

Constant key unplugging and re-plugging can be cumbersome or easily distract them from work. The pressures of not forgetting a key, leaving it behind, losing, or damaging it can cause a reduction in productivity. And continuous complaints from employers prove that recurring costs of purchase, distribution, delivery, and replacement in case of security loss or damage is unavoidable.

IDmelon has proudly implemented a unique tap-n-go experience for the first time in the world on the FIDO2 standards that allows an unlimited number of users to use their smartphones as an external security key for login to windows, websites and apps on the same computer via a very comfortable and secure way.

Here, to use your smartphone as a security key, you do not even need to open the app. All you need to do is to tap your smartphone on an IDmelon Reader and then say yes to the login request notification on the smartphone and authenticate your identity.