as a Security Key

The seamless authenticator app for user-friendly, secure sign-ins

IDmelon app enables you to turn your smartphone into a FIDO2 certified security key and effortlessly log into windows, websites, and applications without typing a password. Your preferred unlocking method such as biometrics on your smartphone along with the embedded Secure Element allows you to enjoy a reliable, safe password-free digital life.


Secure authentication means
moving beyond passwords.


Your smartphone is your FIDO2
security key.


You can have multiple tokens on
a single smartphone.

Tap & Go

People have been using their ID
cards to tap on card readers

Push Authentication

Push authentication is a
smartphone-based authentication

The IDmelon Advantages

Using your smartphone as a hardware security key offers both enterprises and
individuals a broad range of advantages:


As people naturally carry their ubiquitous smartphones everywhere and rarely keep them out of sight, the chance of security key loss or damage by using a smartphone as a security key is slim. As a result, instead of bearing the burden of carrying an extra physical object, i.e. a security key, or figuring out how to deal with a new object, you can have multiple tokens on one smartphone and stay focused on what you do and to maintain or improve productivity levels.


Trusted biometric authentication on modern smartphones which is becoming a common reliable and fast way of unlocking a device is available for resident apps. IDmelon has successfully extended this trust by advanced BLE mechanisms to enable a smartphone to be a certified FIDO2 security key, which is way more affordable than biometric keys. Besides, smartphones are using one of the best embedded secure elements to protect secret keys.

Token Management

Unlike hardware security keys on which credentials are neither manageable nor auditable, credentials on IDmelon app can be both managed and audited. An organisation’s admin can invite users through admin portal by sending emails that contain an activation link to instantly grant token access, immediately block token access, audit each user’s activities and status, monitor licences, register credentials on behalf of users, etc.

Reduced Time and Costs

Using smartphones as a security key (SaaS) significantly reduces deployment time and costs, since there no longer exist the endless cost of HR for purchase, distribution, and physical key delivery. It also cuts the recurring costs of buying new keys for replacement of lost or damaged keys or key delivery for employee turnover or to seasonal or new employees.

IDmelon Mobile App

IDmelon App is available for Android and iOS for secure passwordless authentication with unique tap-n-go option.