Tap & Go

People have been using their ID cards to tap on card readers to enter buildings and offices, or their credit cards to tap on POS machines for contactless payments. Meanwhile, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or other digital wallets prove that the world is moving towards contactless payments via smartphones. And in the broad sense, it all means that global demand for all-in-one approach has increased sharply as people prefer to do everything using their smartphones.

IDmelon is proud to make a similar experience of Tap & Go available to FIDO2 users for the first time in the world. Therefore, you can use your smartphone as a FIDO2 security key for login to windows 10, websites and apps via a very comfortable and secure way. To do so, you do not need to run the app. All you need to do is simply Tap the smartphone on an IDmelon Reader to receive a popup notification which you can accept using your desired biometric method to authenticate yourself to the smartphone.