Secure, convenient
passwordless authentication
for everyone

IDmelon provides enterprises and individuals
with innovative FIDO2 security keys.

What we do

Our innovative solutions enable individuals to effortlessly use their smartphones as their FIDO2 security keys and enterprises to safeguard their workforce with simple, strong token management.

What features make us unique

Our smartphone-based passwordless authentication solutions provide
enterprises of all sizes with the following benefits:

Reduced Time and Costs

No more concern about security key purchase, distribution, and replacement in case of loss or damage.

Security Key as a Service

Security key service provided on a subscription basis

Immediate Implementation

implementation is only a few clicks away.

Convenience and Ensured Security

No more concern about carrying security keys around. Only a click on a notification and biometric authentication on your smartphone.

Token Management

Instantly grant/restrict, carefully monitor users’ access, and immediately respond to threats/changes all thanks to our admin portal.

Single PC, Multiple Users

Sharing PC conveniently without compromising security.

Tap & Login Experience

FIDO2 users experience convenience like never before with our unique Tap & Login feature for the first time in the world all thanks to our Reader.

Multiple Tokens on a Single Smartphone

An all-in-one smartphone with enough space for as many tokens as you want.

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