IDmelon Reader

The one and only BLE reader that enables the real secure,
convenient tap-n-go authentication.

Great user experience

Contactless authentication puts an end to the trouble of constant key unplugging and re-plugging.

Tap and go

Passwordless with a single tap of a smartphone or IDmelon Fob.

No Bluetooth pairing

No need for connection to a PC via Bluetooth.

IDmelon Reader is a BLE reader that enables contactless Tap-n-Go experience, which is similar to experience of Tap with mobile access cards on NFC or RFID readers. IDmelon Reader works in combination with an IDmelon Fob or a smartphone on which IDmelon app is installed.

USB-A form factor

BLE connectivity with LED indicator and beeper

Allows Tap-n-Go experience

Operating distance: =< 20 centimetres

Works in combination with an IDmelon Fob or a smartphone with IDmelon app installed on it

What makes IDmelon Reader unique

With IDmelon Reader, you can have the real tap-n-go experience. Unlike other NFC readers to which users have to hold their NFC-enabled devices close in order to make a connection and complete the task, IDmelon Reader needs only a single tap to let you go passwordless.