In many industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, or pharmaceutical, employees are confronted with the need to access multiple secure systems, and companies must provide a complete audit trail of their activities across all the systems. In addition, sometimes employees are required to wear relatively large and cumbersome protective equipment, which makes password-based or traditional authentication processes even more annoying and time-consuming and reduces productivity.

Companies continue to seek innovative passwordless authentication solutions to fully safeguard and support their employees to be productive and safe. Here, contactless authentication can fully address the needs of factories, maintaining worker productivity and safety. It lifts the burden of having to remember login credentials for different systems, so instead, employees just focus on their job.

IDmelon provides factory workers with unique, convenient, secure contactless authentication. All that an employee is required to do in order to verify their identity is a single tap on an IDmelon Reader.

Employees can simply and securely turn their smartphones into a security key to experience tap-n-go.