Retail organisations continue to seek strong authentication solutions that do not slow users down, trying to focus on delivering better products, improving customer experience, staying ahead of the competition as a retailer, and protecting brand reputation. Obviously, password-based logins or authentication methods such as OTP cause constant disruption to equipment access.

Hardware security keys do not fully address the needs and just replace one problem with another. For example, cashiers are primarily expected to assist customers in check-out process, delivering great experience and protecting customers’ data. Carrying a hardware security key around and preventing loss or damage gives them so much hassle.

Besides, saying hello to hardware security keys, retail organisations get trapped in an endless cycle of recurring costs. They have to purchase new keys for replacement of lost or damaged ones and key delivery for employee turnover or to sessional employees, which is about %30 percent of the initial purchase costs per year.

In the retail business, IDmelon enables employees to enjoy secure, quick, convenient tap-n-go, focusing on what they do best. By turning smartphones into FIDO2 security keys, retailers can enjoy peace of mind, have security, deliver what they promise, and save time and money.